The Arab Media Outlook is considered the most comprehensive and authentic source of data on the media sector in the Arab world. The report not only examines the main thrusts of the Arab media, but also explores the potential for future growth and offers a five-year outlook on the sector. The report draws its information through in-depth interviews with media owners, experts, journalists and influential stake holders from other sectors.

First Edition: "The Development of Media Institutions and Competencies" (2007-2011)

The first edition discussed trends in the Arab media sector, key issues and challenges facing traditional and modern media alike, and identified a range of opportunities and challenges for institutional development and improving media competencies. Covering six countries including Lebanon, Morocco, the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Egypt, the report also looked at the role of news in the media and the involvement of modern media in the process of news making.

Second Edition: "Media and Technology" (2008-2012)

The second edition discussed the reality and prospects for Arab media, revealing that the developments in digital media and the emergence of broadband Internet and mobile TV represent important growth opportunities for media companies in the Arab world. The report’s scope expanded to include 12 Arab countries.

Third Edition: "Stimulating Local Content"(2009-2013)

Covering 15 Arab nations, the report defined the phenomenal growth of online advertising expenditure as a key outcome. Additionally, the third edition was among the first Arab researches that highlighted the need to promote local content generation in the Arab media industry.

Fourth Edition: "Arab Media: Vulnerability and Transformation"

Released in the wake of the extraordinary changes across the Arab region, the edition gained special importance. Highlighting trends in media across 17 countries, the report offers a reliable reference for those interested in the media sector in the region.

The report found that the pace of reform in the media sector in the Arab countries is likely to pick up speed, following the phase of restructuring in the aftermath of the Arab spring. The analysis was supplemented by interviews conducted with more than 140 media leaders and professionals in the sector. The edition also analysed trends in the development of local content.

Fifth Edition: “Youth..Content..Digital” (2016-2018)

Youth..Content..Digital media, provides a comprehensive view of media across 14 key markets in the Pan Arab region. It covers paid media and advertising funded revenues across all platforms – digital, mobile, print, TV and radio with a strategic and qualitative assessment of each sector, including emerging trends, industry challenges and growth drivers.